🗃️ Virtual Admin Assistance

# Virtual Admin Assistance for Creative Businesses

# What you get:

# How it works:

# 01 | Book my services

Invest with a 50% downpayment here. I will be able to get back to you within 24 hours, but you will get instant access to your customer dashboard.

# 02 | Initial meeting/ emails

We meet (or email) to chat about your requirements and my commitment to your project. Includes contract signing.

# 03 | Work mode

I create the content and/ or work with you during our agreed timeline.

# 04 | Follow-up weekly check-ins

We continue to follow up via email or Zoom meetings.

# 05 | Revisions

You get unlimited revisions within the timeline of our work together as per our contract.

# 06 | Final product

Files uploaded to your dashboard or task updates sent and updated via dashboard or email.